The concept of flatshares and house shares has been around for decades. Until recently, however, shared living has been considered the domain of students and graduates, those who are just beginning their first tentative steps into the wide world. But that old, outdated idea has been turned on its head with the emergence of the co-living phenomenon.

It is no longer just the fresh-faced home leavers who want the benefits of living with friends. There is now a combination of factors coming into play that are driving young professionals, those more established in the world beyond student digs, to demand the convenience and community that co-living offers.

So why this big shift? What does co-living have that other rental accommodation does not? The answer: lots!

Reduced Living Costs

The average cost of privately renting a one-bedroom flat in the Crawley area is £1,275 per month. A room in a serviced, co-living apartment from Exclusive Rooms, on the other hand, costs as little as £565 per month, with all the bills thrown in for good measure. That’s right: no utilities, council tax bills, broadband and TV package costs, and with a deposit that’s half that of standard private rentals in Crawley.


It’s no secret that loneliness and isolation is a big problem right now, even for young professionals. With thousands working long hours and coming home to a silent, empty flat, it’s little surprise. Especially when you consider how mobile work is these days. People are increasingly moving from city to city – or country to country – for their careers, leaving little time to build relationships or even meet people their own age. Co-living, by its very definition, means the opposite. No matter how long or short your stay, you’ll always have a place that feels like home, which feels secure, private and inclusive, where you can meet new people and build connections that could last a lifetime.

Cleaning service

Let’s be honest – no one likes cleaning the house. And the battle over housework rotas in shared houses has been the cause of fallouts between friends forever. Co-living apartments from Exclusive Rooms have weekly cleaning (and even gardening) included, which takes the pressure off everybody. You’ll still have to handle the washing up, though.

A better bathroom

Sharing a bathroom is something most people would certainly prefer to go without. Many of our Exclusive Rooms co-living apartments have multiple clean, modern bathrooms, which means you can leave your toiletries out without fear of them mysteriously evaporating! Plus, you know, all the other negative things about sharing a bathroom, which we don’t need to go into.

Beautiful, luxurious interiors

No more magnolia wallpaper and sagging sofas. With co-living, each apartment is appointed to the highest standards, with trendy modern decor, furnishings and interior design worthy of Instagram. Moving into a privately rented flat of your own, if you want nice surroundings, you’ll have to spend a wedge of cash trying to bring it up to scratch, on top of all those bills and sky-high rent. Which do you think is the better option?

Maintenance on call

If you’ve ever had an issue with a rented property, you’ll have probably experienced the frustration and inconvenience of trying to get hold of the landlord and get the problem fixed quickly. The Exclusive Rooms app, however, gives you access to the team day or night, for support and communication whenever you need it. Action on issues is handled quickly and seamlessly, without fuss or bother.

Co-living most certainly is the future of renting. As we have becoming increasingly mobile and increasingly busy, the need for a flexible solution that offers the best quality of life possible is of utmost importance. Convenience, community and contemporary style are what Generation Rent is looking for, and co-living is the ultimate answer.

If you are ready to become part of the co-living revolution, you can find out more by getting in touch with the team at Exclusive Rooms here.