We have helped countless people find the perfect homes in Crawley for a number of years now. One of the things we love about our job is helping our tenants find the perfect houseshare and introducing them to new friends. It’s one of the things that makes us unique: we care about the household even more than the house, and we are always there for our tenants, whatever they need and whatever they are going through.

Because of this, we have come to notice some similarities between the people that rent with us, and that’s helped us make sure we are providing them all with exactly the best experience. So we thought we would share with you some of the reasons people choose Exclusive Rooms for their houseshares in Crawley.

1. New Jobs

Most of our tenants, so we have found, come to us because they are relocating for a new job in Crawley. There are some really big employers in the Crawley area, especially Gatwick Airport, where over 21,000 people are employed. Not only is this the number one reason that our tenants choose us in the first place, it’s also one of the key reasons why they stay. Many of our housemates work together, which only helps strengthen the bonds that lead to lasting friendships, many of which last for years, even after they have moved on.

Why Try Co-Living With Exclusive Rooms? - CO-LIVING IN CRAWLEY

2. A Better Standard of Living

One of the major complaints we hear from people when they first come to us is that their previous accommodation was the pits. We’re used to hearing all about cleanliness issues, annoying housemates and indifferent landlords – and we are determined to offer something much better! All our properties have cleaners that come to the property every week to keep everything nice and clean, and we work really hard to make sure our tenants are matched to the right property for their personalities. Of course, we’re also really hands-on with making sure everything runs smoothly for everyone, that any problems are picked up and fixed as a matter of urgency.

3. A Fresh Start

Life has a tendency of sometimes getting in the way of your best plans, and sometimes a fresh start is needed. For some of our tenants, co-living is the perfect way to press the reset button after a breakup, meet new friends and discover a whole new world in comfortable, clean and friendly surroundings.

4. Saving Money With Co-Living

In today’s world, renting is often incredibly draining on finances. Not only is there rent to pay each month, but there is also a pile of bills to organise and pay as well. Co-living with Exclusive Rooms offers a completely different way of renting. All your rent and bills are combined into one monthly payment that is so much lower than anything you’d find elsewhere, especially when you consider the quality of the accommodation we offer. Joining the Crawley co-living community means that our tenants have more money in their pocket to enjoy life and save for the future, with none of the stress involved in renting the old-fashioned way.

Why Try Co-Living With Exclusive Rooms? - CO-LIVING IN CRAWLEY

5. Love Your Housemates!

Time and again, our tenants tell us what an awesome experience co-living has been for them. From the beginning to the end of their tenancy, one of the  main reasons fed back to us is the people they meet and share with in their Exclusive Rooms home. As we’ve mentioned, we team our housemates wisely, meaning that we create every opportunity for firm friendships to be formed and more often than not, good times are had by all.

If all of this has made you excited at the prospect of renting a houseshare in Crawley or Burgess Hill with us, get in touch! We are always happy to hear from prospective new additions to the Exclusive Rooms community, and we’ll do our utmost to find you the perfect room in the perfect houseshare.