We provide tailored solutions and services for landlords

These solutions will create a partnership that can last a lifetime.

Call 0800 123 456 to find out more or email info@exclusiverooms.net

There are four main things we offer

100% Guaranteed rent

Absolute certainty for your rent being paid on time and in full.

Amazing yields

A yield that makes being a landlord worthwhile. You get this from our 100% Guaranteed market rent promise.

Property maintenance

Your property receives above average visits and checks to keep it in a good condition. Along with an Exclusive Rooms guarantee for the lifetime of the tenancy, which ensures that the property is well looked after.

Paid even when it's empty

Void or empty periods are no longer your concern. We pay you 100% market rent no matter what, for the lifetime of the tenancy.

Like to know more?

Interested in finding out more about how we can help you? Please get in touch and we will help you on your way to better returns.

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