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Information and tips for happy living

Out of hours

Emails are monitored and the app is clever, but if you need to call us quickly because it’s an emergency please contact:

Kevin Shaw: 07872518110
Adam Bottomley: 07594310676
Jess Marco-Wadey: 07933 759387


We reference every occupant of each property. Here is a list of things you will need:

  • Contact details of any previous landlord
  • Proof of employment – contact details, contract or similar
  • Company HR Details if commencing employment in the future
  • A character reference from someone professional that knows you
  • The ability to set up a standing order (UK bank account required)
  • Passport
  • Proof of the Right to Reside in the UK (for Non-EEA applicants) for more information please see

All discussions will be subject to the contract, sufficient referencing requirements met and the discretion of Exclusive Rooms management.

In our experience this is a simple process where Exclusive Rooms do all the leg work. If you can bring all of the above to your viewing it will make it even easier for all of us.

Problem with the keys?

Often we can help if people get locked out etc. If you lose or break a key though, the cost is £45 per key for a replacement. These are specialist items that cannot be bought on the high street, due to their secure and multi-use functionality.


We hold a deposit equivalent to a month’s rent from you to cover damages and dilapidations. This will be held securely with the DPS and in line with statutory requirements.

To ensure you receive your deposit back in full we recommend you take careful note of the tenancy agreement and its contents and ensuring you follow it closely.

The contract

We use a bespoke Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement that has been influenced over a decade of successfully managing these types of properties. What that means is you will have a purposefully designed, legally written, fair and equitable contract.

Whilst some parts are changeable because our rooms and tenancy lengths differ, the contract itself is fixed in terms of its content – further reassurance that all housemates are on the same deal.

House Rules

Every great culture and successful society have defined, agreeable ways to conduct ourselves – our properties are the same and we promote a positive & healthy environment for all.

Please feel free to view a copy (click here)


We love guests and we understand that friends, partners and relatives will pop in from time to time. All we ask is that they are polite and respectful to the housemates, stay no more than 2 nights in any 7 days and perform in the same manner as tenants. It also wouldn’t be appropriate for anyone to be sleeping on sofas or in communal areas at any time, surfing is for the beach.


Maintaining fresh air flow through our properties is even more vital than a traditional, busy family home. It is a daily responsibility of every tenant to air out all rooms and areas to reduce moisture levels, improve air quality and maximise heath & wellbeing.

For more information take a look at this handy video:

Responsible & Economic Living

As a company we are keen advocates of less impact on our environment. You will find that all of our houses promote full recycling, utilise energy-reducing technology and have used both sustainable and recycled materials in their construction.

The full benefits of these efforts cannot be realised, unless all tenants act in a conscientious and decisive way to help prolong our planets health.

Ways to reduce the use of energy and in turn keep bills down:

Moving in and out – handy tips

These can be really exciting times, or stressful ones. In our experience the one thing that determines whether it’s a positive experience is – planning.

Here are our best suggestions to ensure you look forward to your next move:

Moving in

  1. Make sure you plan ahead and give yourself time to think through and write down a structure and task list. Any questions coming out of that, we would be happy to help.
  2. Financial planning is essential as it can be a temporary but expensive time – particularly if you are moving from one rental to another. The deposits can take time to come back to you. Don’t commit to a new landlord if you don’t have the funds to bridge the gap between tenancies.
  3. Give yourself time – although it is unlikely you will have lots of belongings, from our experience some of our tenants struggle with set times in a diary to actually move and leave an overlap of tenancies to keep things stress-free.
  4. What to bring. Travelling light is the name of the game. Aside from the obvious toiletries and clothes, you will need a towel and bedding to get you started. Everything else is either provided or within easy reach in stores nearby.
  5. What not to bring. Whilst every room has storage, all your belongings will need to fit in your room. A healthy environment for you is one that is clutter free, so take some time to take make decisions on this and cleanse that wardrobe!

Moving out

  1. Check all the cupboards, fridge & freezer for food items when moving out. From time to time people forget what they have bought, which is just simply a waste of your money and could have gone to someone less fortunate.
  2. Give yourself time. The tenants that we have to charge for cleaning are usually those that have run out of time, haven’t planned well. We don’t want to charge anyone, and where we can help avoid this we will.
  3. You will be sent a final invoice for rent and utilities which must be paid on time. The deposit cannot be used to off-set rent so please plan financially for your move.
  4. Ask us! Communicate with us about any questions and concerns and we are on hand to help. It’s better to ask than to find out after you hand back the keys it could have been easier for both of us.
Respectful and Responsible living
  • Please don’t give out keys to friends and family. They should be there if you aren’t
  • Ensure all external windows and doors are locked and secure.
  • Shoes make the floors mucky and damage them, please take them off
  • No smoking inside or lighting anything flammable that could cause fire, this includes candles and incense.
  • Keep all gangways, hallways and exits free from clutter or belongings
  • Exercise a common-sense approach to health and safety for you, and others within the property.
  • No parties, loud music or gatherings – these are properties for professionals, who work different hours.